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The Best Roof Coatings, Professionally Applied.

Does Your Roof NEED ATTENTION? Don't Replace It -- Repair It!

LONG-TERM PROTECTION SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We're so confident our Conklin Roofing System will weatherproof your roof that we have a variety of optional warranties, for up to a 18-year period, which are also renewable and extendable.

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Conklin Products

“I’m in charge of roof maintenance for dozens of buildings, and we’re always looking for better ways to protect and seal our galvanized roofing. Five years ago we ran a test. We coated half of the 2,000 square feet with the Conklin Metal Restoration system. The other half got new corrugated sheet metal, sealed with a silicone coating. A year later the silicone roof had six leaks, and the Conklin roof had none.”

Charles France
Fortune 200 Company

Garage Roof Repair

Lakeside Commercial Roofing did a great job of striping my garage roof and recovering in new felt! I found them to be very reasonable with regards to price and the service was excellent. I highly recommend their roofing service!

Jeffrey Jenkins


“I would like to express my satisfaction with the Conklin foam and coatings applied to the roof and walls on one of our cold storage facilities. We now more efficiently maintain desired temperatures with less wear and tear on our refrigeration equipment. I have and will continue to recommend this to others in our agriculture industry. I’d like to mention a few of the features and benefits that most interest me in the Conklin roofing products.”

Prompt, Professional Service

We had a small job that many companies didn’t want to bother with. Lakeside Commercial Roofing contacted us quickly after our initial inquiry and provided a very reasonable quote. They completed the work in the exact amount of time they said they would, cleaned everything after they were finished with their work. We are very happy with our experience with them. Next time we need work on our roof, we are calling Lakeside Commercial Roofing.
Geneva Rodgers

Flexible Availability

We Make the Job fit your Schedule.

Care-Free Guarantee

We take care of everything from preparation to cleanup.

Stop Leaks

Conklin’s 100% acrylic and VOC compliant coatings prevent leaks where they occur the most – at the seams. Your entire roof is protected by a durable, waterproofing finish.

Save Energy

Save money on air conditioning. The energy-saving Acrylic Coating System keeps your building cooler, whether it’s air conditioned or not, by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays.

Save Money

It costs less to repair your roof than to replace it. When you don’t tear off your old roof, there are no waste disposal costs, and your building’s contents are never exposed to the elements. Increase energy efficiency and lower utility expense with cool, white reflective surfaces.

Restore It

Conklin’s Roofing Systems are complete waterproofing systems for commercial roofs. They stop leaks, inhibit rust, and provide energy-efficient, long-lasting, attractive finish coats which will extend the life of your roof for years. During the restoration process, each problem area is systematically addressed, repaired and resealed; then the entire roof is coated with a reflective finish coat.